Saturday, August 23, 2008


One really important thing for Megan was to see the butterflies at the White River Gardens. it certainly was something to see. There are so many, they are literally flying into you as you walk through. It was Megan's idea of Heaven.

The big day

Ok, it's official. Megan is a first grader. She, of course, was willing and eager. Mommy actually held it together pretty well until the parking lot where I cried on Daddy's shoulder (his eyes were wet too). She did great her first morning, but got a little overwhelmed that afternoon. But by the second day, she was getting the hang of it and was still happy when I picked her up! I'm sure I'll blink twice and this year will be a faint memory. Unreal, isn't it?

Then, the museum again

This was a must. And this time was even better, because Jenni and Jonah Hufford joined us! He is hilarious and the Strauss kids love having him around. Mommy enjoys Jenni's company as well as Jonah, so we all win.

Trip to the zoo

For the last few days before school, we tried to squeeze in all our favorite things. First, we went to the zoo, and Daddy got to go with us! This was Ian's first time as a toddler, so he was really experiencing it for the first time. The weather was ideal and we all had a great time.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Megan melts my heart

Last night, before I went ot bed, I went in to tuck in the girls. Megan was in the bathroom, so I helped her back to bed in her sleepy stupor. Once she laid down, I kissed her and told her how special she is. Then, half awake and with eyes closed, she said "God made me special". You are too right, amazing girl.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Surreal but true

Tonight I took my girls to the Welcome Dinner at their school. I was doing so well until I saw Megan's class list posted, and the tears came. It was real. First grade is here. I'm so jealous of her teacher. She gets to spend all day with her now and I don't. Six and a half years were not enough. Claire, on the other hand, gets out at 10:30, so I will now know to cherish this year with her. Ian is still around too...tiny buddy.
They are in no way hesitant and extremely excited. We are blessed with an amazing school (Heritage Christian) and know without a doubt when they're not with us, this is the best place they can be.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Children's Museum

Last week amidst the perfect weather lay one rainy day. We snapped up the chance to go to the Children's Museum. For those of you who haven't been, it is WELL worth the trip. We have had a membership for four years, and we still haven't seen everything. The girls were very into the dinosaurs this time (it's something different each time). Ian, on the other hand, thought the Curious George exhibit was right up his alley. He loved every puppet he saw and showed them just how much with lots of "muh-wah!' kisses.

Ok, I give

Alright. I've had enough people ask me to do this, so I'm in. Knowing how much I enjoy looking at all of my friends' blogs, I figure I could return the voyueristic favor. I don't know how long I'll update, or if I even know how, but I'll try!