Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back to School 2009

That was, for real, the FASTEST summer ever! I mean, looking back, we did a LOT. Florida, Zoo, museum, splash parks, playdates, the list goes on and on. But come on...August 12th?!! I firmly believe that no school should start before the state fair! It's just too darn early. It's so unfair that someone else gets to spend all day with my girls now. That should be me! But, they love it and are learning so much already, so I need to get over myself. At least I still have have my little buddy Ian! He's so fun and this is a blessed opportunity to get to have all this one on one with him. He misses his sisters during the day, but he's asking for them a little less each day.
Their first day of school was fun, starting with breakfast with our neighbors. We set up out in our neighbor's driveway and all the parents brought some yummies to share. The kids loved sitting together and talking about what they were excited for that day. One neighbor even brought Starbucks for all the parents (God Bless you, Lori!). As luck would have it, we even had butterflies that we had been watching since caterpillars and we released them that morning. Too cool.
Of course, the big excitement of the day is the bus. Ahhh, the glorious bus and all it's orangish-yellow splendor. I'm happy to report we have a MUCH nicer driver this year, which makes me feel so much better. I was seriously struggling with the idea of putting not one, but TWO of my babies on a bus for a stranger to drive off with. Eric, my sainted husband, chose to work from home that day so he could help my crying, overly emotional self home from the bus stop. Having my neighbor friends there helped too. When I was crying the hardest right after they drove off, my empathetic neighbor, Shaun, took a picture. While I'll have to delete it and he deserves a beating at some point, it did make me laugh. So, I need to focus on the fact that they are healthy, happy, smart girls that love going to school. Thank you , God, for COUNTLESS blessings, including my children that love to learn and spend their day away from Mommy.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Claire Victoria Strauss-Age 6

Wow. Six years. I mean, really? She's my BABY girl. I've always thought of Megan as a big girl, but not Claire. Megan was always a little more grown up than her age, so seeing her grow up has been easier for me. But Claire will always be the chubby cheeked, wide eyed, drooling baby in my mind. From the time of her painless, effortless delivery, she was a perfect baby. Slept and ate well, rarely cried, easy to smile. Everyone always got a smile out of her and that always made me so proud. I know how good it makes me feel to get a smile out of a baby and I always loved that she did that for so many people. While she has grown far less agreeable and we joke that her looks are what keeps her living, I can't help but cry as I type out how much I adore this child that God has gifted to Eric and me. I can't fathom why I get to be her mother. As testy as she can be, that's how sweet and loving she is. Sometimes she truly can't stop herself from hugging and kissing you. She actually panics if she leaves someone she loves and thinks she might have forgotten to hug, kiss, and tell them she loves them. Thank you, God, for trusting me to be her mother. I hope I'm doing your will for her everyday.