Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fire is mesmerizing

Of all the thousands of dollars worth of toys and entertainment we have collected over the years for our children, the simplest things are still the most successful in keeping their attention. Take for example, the fireplace. The mystique of the glowing warmth and crackling comfort never fades. We have to constantly remind them to stay back, in fact, as they can't seem to get a good enough look at it each time.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Claire can sleep anywhere...and has!

My girls both develop a problem with sleepwalking when they're five. Megan did it, and now like clockwork, so has Claire. As a result, we find them sleeping in the strangest places. When Eric and I came up to bed tonight, there was Claire, soundly asleep with all her accoutrement that she requires at bedtime. We have no idea what time she moved there, but there she was none the less. Kids...they keep us guessing, don't they?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Feeble attempts at a Christmas card picture

In an act to save money this year, I tried to get a good picture of the kids myself that could go on our Christmas card. Does anyone reading this have ANY idea how hard it is to get three kids six and under to simultaneously look at the camera and smile. It would have been worth the photographer fees. I ended up using a picture I took over the summer that was unplanned and unposed. Says a lot about life, doesn't? Stop trying so hard and the good stuff will just happen when it's good and ready.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Start 'em early

Eric thought it would be funny to let Ian pretend to drive. Unfortunately, this led to some toddler entitlement issues. I'm sure you can all imagine how much fun it was to try and get him in his own seat for about a week, but that's what Dads do. They plant seeds of fun ideas and the Moms rip the seedlings from the ground. We're symbiotic that way.

Trick Or Treating with Grandma Great

The kids thought Grandma Great would like to see them in their costumes. They were right! She was so happy to see them, as were the others that live in her nursing home. Grandma Great was having a great day and was able to truly enjoy our visit. The kids not only look forward to seeing her, but also to seeing the huge fish tank in the dining room. Grandma finally gave up trying to compete for their attention and just decided to hang out at the fish tank with them. I guess 88 years of wisdom helps you pick your battles wisely! It was a special visit.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Trick Or Treat

Halloween 2008. This year we couldn't have had better weather. It was a mild evening with very little breeze. Each year the girls go a little further around the neighborhood. Megan and I stayed out another thirty minutes after Eric and Claire cried uncle. Ian was done too (done yelling at me to open another piece!). Aunt Jenny and Uncle Mark, their boys, and all the Zimmermans joined us too! This was the first time that all the cousins got to trick-or-treat together, which was fantastic. It was a great holiday!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Zoo BOO!

Each year, we really look forward to Halloween at the Zoo. They keep it open a little later, decorate everything, and even hand out candy. The kids really love another opportunity to wear their costumes too. Claire was quite a hit as Wall-E. She got tons of comments and lots of kids were pointing her out to their parents. Good job, Eric, for making such a cool costume. Megan went pretty much unrecognized as Ming-Ming from Wonder Pets, but she's a trail-blazer. Next year everyone will be a Wonder Pet. Ian wore our beloved Elmo costume that all our kids wear for their 2nd Halloween. Mommy was Minnie Mouse, and Daddy was super creative and went as a Mechanical Engineer for Chip Ganassi Racing. When Claire asked what he was, he said he was the coolest Dad. Oh, ok.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Papa's Birthday

For Papa's Birthday this year, he wanted to go to Metamora. It's a small town in southern Indiana that is all shops. Most of the people live in their stores. It's very quaint and very charming. His sister, Ginger, has a store there called Ginni V's. The Witcher-Brashers, Mom and Dad, and the Strauss's were all available that day. We walked the town, had the most bland bean soup in history for lunch, and tailgated with birthday cake! It's just the way Dad like to spend his birthdays...or any day for that matter.

Sweet Briar Kids, Unite!

I was in my house and the kids were all outside. I noticed I hadn't heard them for a few minutes (never a good sign) so I went out to check on them. What I found was adorable. Completely without being asked, my three along with the three boys next door were raking leaves. They actually did a pretty nice job too!

Pumpkin Patch, the sweaty version

Who knew we'd be sweaty, miserable beasts at the pumpkin patch in late October? But that's precisely what we were. Despite the heat, we did it all...animals, rides, games, and pumpkins. It's even more fun this year now that Ian is no longer stroller bound and can join in the fun with his sisters.