Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy Birthday, America!

Well, for the first time in three years, Eric was engineering a race on the fourth. This used to be a regular occurrence, but he's been home for the last three years' 4ths. So, while sad and missing Daddy, we made the most of a rainy holiday. First, we spent the day at the Children's Museum with our friends Kristin and Molly. This was so fun. The girls, as well as Ian actually, love being with Molly. Mommy loves being with Kristin, so everyone wins with this combo! After the museum (and some gift shop memorabilia) we headed to our house. The eight dollar combo pack of fireworks were just right for four kids seven and under. The girls loved the sparklers and Ian favored the "snakes" that grow. He was calling them snake poop and then laughing hysterically at himself. I was pretty entertained by it too, honestly! The evening wrapped up with a movie and popcorn in Tiff and Eric's room. The girls did great sleeping all together in the girls' bedroom floor. All in all, great and exhausting holiday!

On a side note, Mommy was THRILLED that it was picture with Star Wars characters day!!! I dragged the kids from guy to guy. Whoo-hoo!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Taking my zoo to the animals

Ok, so I know everyone HATES cool weather in summer, but I LOVE it! Last week in Indiana, it was unseasonably cold...high 60's, low 70's. It was heaven. We spent a ton of time outside. One of the best days was at the zoo. Summer at the zoo isn't always pleasant. There's only a couple places to cool off and heated animal poo isn't my favorite air freshener. This day, however, was perfect. They weren't even burnt out and begging to go as usual when it was time to go. Another treat was that Daddy was able to join us before he left for a race, which is always nice. We saw it all and slept well that afternoon!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Ian's future in landscaping

This boy loves to mow. More than that, he loves to do what Daddy does. So, as one can imagine, the fact that this task combines both elements makes it his favorite thing currently. Eric has even gotten to where he looks forward to mowing because Ian's interest is so darn cute. First, Eric mows a random curvy path in the yard that Ian uses. I think it really makes him feel like HE'S cutting the grass. Then , he follows Eric up and down the rows he mows. He is diligent and rarely, is ever, looses interest until the entire yard is done. The new element he has added is trimming. Eric doesn't let Ian in the yard while he's doing this, but he watches from the window. He then goes outside with his bubble blower that looks like a leaf blower, and does the "timmin'". Put that altogether with Ian in plaid bermudas, black vans, and a big belly, and you've got yourself a bloggable memory.

Fishers Freedom Fest

Ahh, festivals. This is where Eric and I could NOT be more different. I live for Saturdays with booths full of crap I don't need, mullets, and funnel cakes. Eric, on the other hand, dislikes festivals so much that his personality changes while we're at them. He becomes surly, irritable, and edgy. Seeing as we can't miss out, for the kids' sake of course, I tolerate this behavior so we can participate in the small town wonder that is...A FESTIVAL!

This particular day was very busy. Megan had a birthday party to attend and Ian had a date with his beloved nite-nite, so Claire and I ventured off on the tandem bike alone. We had a wonderful time bike riding to "downtown" Fishers where we played at the playground, had ice cream, and watched the parade. Luckily, Eric with Ian and Megan in tow (quite trailer) were able to join us shortly after the parade began. The kids and I thought it was great, and Eric lived.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Strauss's take Treaure Island

VACATION!! We didn't think we'd get one this year, but thanks to my Mom and Dad, we had a beautiful one. My dad found an AMAZING penthouse condo and charged Eric and I a Strauss budget friendly portion. We got to spend a week away from reality and by the beach. It was Ian's first time to the ocean, and he was very impressed. The harder the waves hit him , the harder he laughed. The girls have always been ocean lovers and this trip was no exception. My parents also brought along my nephew Josh, which was awesome because he provided another playmate and comic relief. Plus, Ian loves having more guys around to balance things out.

Claire the graduate

My Clairesey is now a graduate, Kindergarten that is. We have been so blessed to have been able to send all our kids to our church's school, "God's Kids". The Kindergarten teacher there is AMAZING. I hope that Ian gets to be in her class too!
Claire did great during the ceremony. She sang all the songs and did all the moves, which is a big deal for her and her stubborn ways. The most touching part of the ceremony though was when they were marching in to Pomp and Circumstance, she saw my dad sitting on the aisle seat, stopped the entire processional, and said "hi, poppa!" followed by a big hug and kiss. I had done a good job of holding it together until that point. I couldn't help but think about how we started attending that church when I was pregnant with her, and now she can read, write, and is going to get on a bus this Fall. I can barely stand it.
I once again did the cake for the reception, which excites the kids when they see their name on the cake. I love that I can provide something that gives all the kids so much joy. simple, so awesome.

I give up

Ok, so my goal was to backtrack on blogs to try and make up for the time I have missed. This has caused me to dread and put off doing so. So, I'm giving up on that plan and have devised a new one. I'm starting from just last week and will try and post at least once a week. Commitment, baby. That's the name of the game!