Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Would you like to have a roll in ze hay?

This past weekend, our church had a hayride/weenie roast at Stoneycreek Farms. That is right up our alley. We love Fall and all activities that it includes. We got to play games, roast hot dogs and smores, play with friends from church, and take a pleasantly long hayride. The highlite for the girls were their glow in the dark bracelets (that and all you can eat individual bags of chips). Ian stayed with Mimi so we could stay out extra late!

I don't remember liking the bus this much

Movies, toys, bikes, trips, museums, zoos...the list of things we buy for and do with our children could go on for days. Who knew all we had to do was put her on public transit? She is absolutely giddy to run to the bus stop every morning. She's ready to go about twenty minutes before she needs to leave and she struggles to wait in the house. What's the appeal? I wish I got as excited for anything as she does to ride the bus each day. Kudos, Megan. Embrace the simple things, I guess.

Megan's second first day of first grade (say that ten times fast!)

Last Wednesday, Megan started at Cumberland Road Elementary. She was so excited to get to ride the bus! I, of course, felt a little ill as they pulled away. She did great! We are happy to announce she has adapted well. She is blessed with a wonderful teacher that we believe truly cares about Megan thriving at school. She has made friends, learned their routines quickly, and looks forward to going every day. What a trooper she's been. That is one amazing kid. Thanks, God.

Chief Mechanic, front left tire

This apple didn't fall far from the tree. Ian likes to be out in the garage when Eric's working on his car. Last week, Eric was taking his tires off and apparantly Ian was paying attention. Yesterday, he went out the garage and picked up the correct tool (I do not know what it's called) and went to the car to try and loosen the bolts himself. Eric was beaming with pride. I smell a go-cart purchase coming soon.