Saturday, June 26, 2010

My boys have a birthday

So, when I went in for what turned out to be my last checkup when pregnant with Ian, the doctor said I was measuring overdue for twins in my 35th week of pregnancy. She suggested I get induced that next week. She casually threw out "How about next Tuesday?" I thought for a second and did the math in my head. "Isn't that the 22nd?", I replied. "Yes". "Hold on, I need to make a phone call" said the extremely uncomfortable pregnant woman desperate to get this person out of her body but not wanting to forever take away her husband's birthday. So, I called Eric, asked him if it was ok if our son was born on his birthday, and after a little mulling over he decided that might be kind of neat. So, three years later, it is kind of neat. Really neat, in fact. I LOVE that the two main men in my life started their lives on the same day. They will forever be able to celebrate together. We have enjoyed putting them in matching shirts, taking their picture together, and our newest tradition...Benihana. That has become a family favorite for the boys' birthday. We did it for the second time this year and I think it's tradition that's gonna stick.