Thursday, August 26, 2010

Open up and say AHHHHHH!!!

Ian has had another milestone and passed with flying colors. He has had his first trip to the dentist. Now, many of you parents out there know that this could go one of two ways. Some children come in, see the big chair, hear all the sounds, and once someone is coming at their mouth with a silver hook and saying open wide, the screaming like they're being stabbed ensues. Then there are the other children that thrive on the mere fact that regardless of what's being done to them, they're getting attention. This was my son. Oh, how the ladies in the office fussed over him! And while they were probably putting on a show to make him feel comfortable, it WORKED. That boy was like the only man on an all female college campus. You would have thought they had never seen a three year old boy the way they were talking to him. He is, after all, a man in the making, and would have let them stick knives in his mouth if they had asked. He sat and did everything they told him without a moment's hesitation. They even did his x-rays which apparently they usually leave for the second appointment so as not to overwhelm the little ones. He loved his new toothbrush and prize bag which wrapped up his perfect first trip to the dentist. The girls were there too and they mentioned discussing orthodontics for Megan next time we're in. I just threw up in my mouth a little bit from typing that.

Monday, August 23, 2010


OK, so remember that Sunday night feeling? You know, that feeling of bummerness that comes over you around 4 in the afternoon on a Sunday when you realize your weekend is almost over? You have school the next morning which means five days of getting up early, working hard, and maybe even some drama with classmates. Yeah, well, that never went away for me. I still get the bummers on Sunday nights. If I had my way, my family would live in a bubble and we would never have to be apart. Sounds sensible and healthy, eh? Well, yeah, I know it's not so I send my kids to school like the law tells me I have to. I even go all shoes, outfit, feigned enthusiasm. Fortunately, my neighbors rally and we all have breakfast together at the bus stop that morning which adds some genuine excitement to the morning. I did OK this year. I kept it together until I could hear the bus enter the neighborhood. I had on my biggest sunglasses to try and hide my misty eyes, but Meg is too in tune with me emotionally. She looked over at me with tears in her eyes at that same moment. I told her I was so happy for her to be a third grader (that's right, folks, THIRD GRADE! Didn't she just roll over for the first time last week?) and couldn't wait to hear her stories when she got home. Claire, of course, could barely contain her excitement to show off her new earrings, gab with friends, and have the same teacher that Megan had loved the year before. So, with knots in my stomach and a lump the size of Idaho in my throat, I put my two lovely, sweet, growing up too fast girls on the bus and sent them off so other lucky people can spend all day with them. Did I mention I really like being their mom?

I still have my buddy Ian. He fills my days with laughter, anger, energy, and frustration all wrapped up in one. I am so thankful for this one on one time with my little man. I hope I can make the most of it until he climbs on that bus just before I'm dragged into the ambulance that will take me to Shady Acres as their newest out patient. You know, the crazy mom who can't stand to be away from her children so she volunteers to spend hour after hour in front of the school copier? Yeah, that's me.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Giveaway from Lisa Leonard!

Lisa Leonard is having a giveaway in honor of her birthday! Since I love her jewelry designs but I love free stuff more, I thought I'd pass this along!

Seven years of Claire Strauss

Ok, so maybe it's because it's the first number to have two syllables, but seven just seems older. I can handle all the birthdays between 2 and 6, but seven is tough for me. She's all thinned out, no more baby fat. She falls a lot less (not our most graceful child, but fortunately she has the high pain tolerance to go with it). She even has teaching moments with her little brother. She's still struggling with a temper, but has come a LONG way with that, especially in the last year. She's always ready for a hug...or having her back scratched. I call her my massage junkie. She's been like this her whole life. As a baby, even in the midst of a fit, she would stop dead in her tracks if you just started rubbing her ears. Note to future husband: That will be your power over her. Most of all, she's just a bubbly, happy girl that's funny and a joy to be around. Thanks, God. We're enjoying our loaner!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Menu Swap Week two

Ok, so I forgot last week, but I'm back on board with Menu planning! I'm telling you, when I don't plan my menu for the week, my anxiety goes up about 30%. Our budget goes up about that much too! I am MUCh more inclined to just tell Eric to meet me and the kids out on his way home from work if I don't have meals planned for the week. This only takes me minutes, and it saves me stress and money. Given that this Wednesday is Black Wednesday at our house, A.K.A. first day of school, I need all the help I can get. So this week will be quick, easy meals that make it so I can focus on getting acclimated to our school year schedule. Anyone else wondering where summer went? *sigh*

Monday: Grilled cheese and tomato soup...Ice Cream social at school

Tuesday: Grilled Chicken breasts, steamed broccoli, and rice

Wednesday: Dinner at Mimi's while Daddy and Mommy work

Thursday: Spaghetti, salad, garlic bread

Friday: McDonald's happy Meals to celebrate 1st week of school