Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ian goes back to school

Well, I'm out of kids...two days a week, anyhow. Ian is back in preschool at East 91st Street God's Kids' preschool. It's at our church and this is our 8th year there. Both girls started there as 1 1/2 year olds and graduated from Kindergarten also. And now Ian is following in their prestigious footsteps. Last year was a little rocky as his teacher changed frequently throughout the year. I was nervous about this year being the same and having to hear Ian whine all the way to school about not wanting to go and listening to him cry as I left him each week. Fortunately, he has two teachers that my girls had and they aren't going anywhere! He is in LOVE with school this year. It's so fun to take him when he can't wait to get there and is so happy he doesn't even turn to say goodbye. As painful as that should be, I find so much comfort in knowing he's learning in an environment where he is covered in prayer, loved, and taught about God's love for him. It helps that there's 6 boys in his class too, as opposed to last year only having one other boy. Ian is a man's man and likes to hang with the guys. And by hang I mean play trucks and beat the tar out of each other.

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