Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...six weeks later!

Ok, so I've never said I'm good at the blogging thing. I am terribly impatient and struggle to sit in front of the computer very long. Couple that with not liking to write, and I'm NOT cut out for the blogging world. But, with that said, I have several friends and family that don't live close by that have said that this is a good way for them to stay abreast of our family's happenings. So even though I haven't done this since last fall, I will again attempt to post some fun times and get everyone caught up.

*Meg turned NINE. Yeah, unbelievable I know since I'm still in my mid 20's.

*The girls are halfway done with 2nd and 3rd grade. I volunteer at their school a lot and am getting to know all the staff including the lunch ladies.

*Christmas was amazing and filled with blessings and precious memories.

*Chip Ganassi laid off my incredibly hard working and devoted husband after eight 1/2 years of loyal service to him without any warning and three days before Christmas. I hope Mr. Ganassi doesn't die miserable and alone, with nothing but his money.

*We rang in the New Year with dear friends and Claire and Ian made it to midnight for the first time ever. Megan, the saint, put herself to bed at 10.

*We got a guinea pig and Eric doesn't know if it was a birthday gift for Megan or if I was fulfilling my own childhood dream.

*I decided to update my blog on a random Wednesday evening when everyone was in bed and I couldn't sleep.

So, now we're caught up! Here's a few pictures to go along with all that valuable info:

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